Playground is a free app compatible exclusivly with the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro from Nyko Technologies that allows you to find, download and play controller compatible games. Playground will scan your device and find games compatible with the PlayPad as well, so you can be up and gaming right away.

In advance mode, you'll be able to easily assign keyboard and HID commands to specific buttons on the controller. This is an ideal way to take games or software that only have Keyboard or limited controller support, and easily transfer control to the PlayPad. After customizing your controller setup for your favorite games, you can save and create new profiles with ease.

   You can download the Nyko Playground app here.


Keyboard mapping – For games that support keyboard control input such as Sonic CD, Playground can allow you to assign specific keys to specific buttons for optimal gameplay. Keyboard mapping is made fast and easy through Playground, allowing you to easily select the button on the PlayPad or PlayPad Pro you’d like to program, and then the corresponding Keyboard key you would like it to activate. This can be replicated for all the action buttons, triggers, shoulder buttons and d-pad on the controller. For more information on how to easily map keyboard functions to the PlayPad or PlayPad Pro, please watch the helpful video below.


GamePad (HID)- Not happy with the way the standard HID protocol controls your new game? Then customize the controls any way you want within Nyko’s Playground app. This mode allows you to assign each gamepad control to any button you desire. Simply select the button you’d like to program and assign which gamepad input from Nyko’s specialized gamepad keyboard. Switch the controls of the analog stick, move gas and brake to an action button, the choice is yours with Playground. 

Touch Mapping (Available in a Future Update– Our latest update does not include any Touch Mapping support. Nyko\'s original solution for Touch Mapping was made incompatible following the Android 4.1 update due to changes in the Android operating system. We are still working on a solution that will allow for Touch Mapping support, but it is taking longer than originally expected due to the aforementioned reasons. We understand this is a much sought after features and we appreciate your patience as we continue to work on it. We will keep users updated on all changes.